Meet Halley.


This is Kali’s first contribution as a ‘interviewer/featurer’ on One Portrait of Us,  I am so excited for her to join our little team. Before introducing you to her first featuree, I wanted to make sure you could get to know her just a little bit. Thanks for your contribution Kali! -Tif I’m Kali! I’m a…
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Meet Lawrence.


Last June, Lawrence was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer that spreads as part of the immune system. Throughout the treatments he remained optimistic, with his sweet wife and family by his side. I asked him how he was now and he said “I’m doing amazing now, life is great as always! I graduated and…
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Meet Cara.

Cara Brook Killpack

I have always been overcome by the sheer kindness and beauty that emanated from Cara’s family.  They are something special! Several years ago I reconnected with Cara through the magic of Blogger, at the time she was showing her stunning work as a photographer, and gradually her blog turned into a makeup blog, where she would post tutorials…
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Meet Carson.


Carson is a self-driven man. I’ve always known that his playing with Legos as a kid would transform into excellent skills as an adult. He has always been an entrepreneur, an artist, and a creator. He loves with everything and knows who he wants to be. Whatever projects he has going on at the time,…
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Meet Randi.


A woman of extreme talent, Randi is a creator, photographer, skilled artist, and wonderful mother. Her Instagram account (@randigardner) is full of crisp lifestyle images, adventures, craft ideas, and expressions of her talent. I have been following her work for years now and I am continually inspired by her perspectives and views on life. She recently…
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Meet Marc.


Marc is hilarious. Probably the best Charades player out there. He is so full of animation, sounds, and jokes. He is a devoted father to a spunky little boy, and a loving, thoughtful, compassionate husband to a beautiful woman.  He goes out of his way to assure that his family is taken care of and…
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Meet Kristen


Kristen is a teeny tiny ball of sunshine who outshines the rest of us. Not because she tries, just because she is that wonderful. From the moment I met her, she enveloped me with curiosity, warmth, and reasons to be happy. She is brave.  She moved away from her family in Japan to America during…
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Meet Sam.


He is quick to offset his imposing presence, that perhaps comes as a last vestige of different time in his life , with a genuinely cordial nature and humble disposition. He has the keen perception of an artist and the ready smile of some who has learned through years of hard knocks to find the humor in…
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Meet Kate.


I was so excited to meet Kate, I had fallen in love with her whimsical art at the local arts markets. Her work brings so much light into my life, as you read her feature, you’ll see some of her pieces. She is a kind soul and truly humble about her talents. She is as…
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Meet Stephanie.


Stephanie has a strong but very quiet presence. You’re very aware of the love she has for you almost immediately after sharing company with her. She is vocally opinionated when she is passionate about a subject, and so eloquent in her expression. She is an incredibly generous wife, mother, and friend. She has spent so…
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