Meet Halley.


This is Kali’s first contribution as a ‘interviewer/featurer’ on One Portrait of Us,  I am so excited for her to join our little team. Before introducing you to her first featuree, I wanted to make sure you could get to know her just a little bit. Thanks for your contribution Kali! -Tif I’m Kali! I’m a…
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Meet Lawrence.


Last June, Lawrence was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer that spreads as part of the immune system. Throughout the treatments he remained optimistic, with his sweet wife and family by his side. I asked him how he was now and he said “I’m doing amazing now, life is great as always! I graduated and…
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Meet Cara.

Cara Brook Killpack

I have always been overcome by the sheer kindness and beauty that emanated from Cara’s family.  They are something special! Several years ago I reconnected with Cara through the magic of Blogger, at the time she was showing her stunning work as a photographer, and gradually her blog turned into a makeup blog, where she would post tutorials…
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Meet Carson.


Carson is a self-driven man. I’ve always known that his playing with Legos as a kid would transform into excellent skills as an adult. He has always been an entrepreneur, an artist, and a creator. He loves with everything and knows who he wants to be. Whatever projects he has going on at the time,…
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