Meet Randi.


A woman of extreme talent, Randi is a creator, photographer, skilled artist, and wonderful mother. Her Instagram account (@randigardner) is full of crisp lifestyle images, adventures, craft ideas, and expressions of her talent. I have been following her work for years now and I am continually inspired by her perspectives and views on life. She recently…
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Meet Marc.


Marc is hilarious. Probably the best Charades player out there. He is so full of animation, sounds, and jokes. He is a devoted father to a spunky little boy, and a loving, thoughtful, compassionate husband to a beautiful woman.  He goes out of his way to assure that his family is taken care of and…
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Meet Kristen


Kristen is a teeny tiny ball of sunshine who outshines the rest of us. Not because she tries, just because she is that wonderful. From the moment I met her, she enveloped me with curiosity, warmth, and reasons to be happy. She is brave.  She moved away from her family in Japan to America during…
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