Meet Sam.


He is quick to offset his imposing presence, that perhaps comes as a last vestige of different time in his life , with a genuinely cordial nature and humble disposition. He has the keen perception of an artist and the ready smile of some who has learned through years of hard knocks to find the humor in…
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Meet Kate.


I was so excited to meet Kate, I had fallen in love with her whimsical art at the local arts markets. Her work brings so much light into my life, as you read her feature, you’ll see some of her pieces. She is a kind soul and truly humble about her talents. She is as…
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Meet Stephanie.


Stephanie has a strong but very quiet presence. You’re very aware of the love she has for you almost immediately after sharing company with her. She is vocally opinionated when she is passionate about a subject, and so eloquent in her expression. She is an incredibly generous wife, mother, and friend. She has spent so…
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Meet Bryton.


Bryton (pronounced Brighton) has a soft, squishy heart and a strong mind. She knows who she is, what she likes and cares deeply for others and all living things. She is smart, and whenever she laughs, it makes me laugh harder. I like to make her laugh. She is my best friend and my sister…
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