Meet Dave.

Dave Nielsen

Dave is very passionate about politics, about freedoms, about what he believes in.  He also loves his pretty wife a lot, speaks a second language with my husband (no one else understands it.) and enjoys music, the great outdoors, and is a Yelp food reviewer. I focused a bit on the politics when I interviewed…
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Meet Brad.


Coming in second to Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson – Parks & Recreation) Brad grows one incredible mustache, well he tends to grow one a year for Mustache Movember, but that isn’t really why we’re introducing you to him. He currently works as a set designer for Disneyland, recently finishing Frozenland at California Adventure. He is…
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Meet Savannah.


This girl is a modern day hippy. She’s so peaceful, so loving, and so free spirited. Her animals are her babies, her people. She is a person you feel immediately comfortable around, and that is a beautiful thing. She is a beautiful thing. Meet Savannah. If money weren’t a factor, what is one thing you…
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Meet Lacey.


“I first met Lacey when I worked at a substance abuse rehabilitation facility. She has admitted since that she didn’t like me at first and is now one of my best friends. I turn to her for any problem I have or any advice I need for emotional support. She understands people and knows how…
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