Meet Holden.


Beau Stucki wrote this intro for Holden. “Holden is a curious man. Curious in the sense that he has an insatiably inquisitive spirit – always learning, researching a period of history, a movement in art, or a field of biology. And curious in the sense that he is eccentric, strange – a bewildering mixture of…
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Meet Lisa.


The moment I met Lisa I felt like I was her best friend, I was welcome in her home for a quick portrait, and ended up staying well past an hour. I’m pretty confident our chat wasn’t a special case, I can see her being warm and welcoming to anyone. She has such a big…
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Meet Danielle.


Danielle is a mother to two young kiddos, who is currently enrolled and working toward a Masters in School Psychology, has a very kind heart, and a patient demeanor. She is incredibly hardworking and passionate about her work, her family, her friends, and her life. She is also a pretty wonderful soda-run companion. I am…
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Meet Andrew.


Andrew has a huge heart. He knows when to be silly and serious, but often both at the same time. He has a lot of great stories to tell, and you can read a fraction of a fraction of them here. If you ever have the chance, sit down with him and ask him about…
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