Meet Todd.


I asked Todd’s wife to write the introduction for his post, I have never met someone who loves her husband more (and I’m pretty extreme on the level of love for my husband…) I thought it was only appropriate, this is what she had to say. “He is extremely hardworking, dedicated, and loyal in everything he…
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Meet Darwin.


Darwin is a truly incredible man who I have the privilege of living near, this interview was one of the rare times I had the opportunity to actually sit and speak and record the interviewee. I left feeling flushed with excitement, eagerness to share, and for weeks after his words stirred in me, and moved…
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Meet Alexa.


This pretty lady is well known in the blogging community, for good reason, she is DELIGHTFUL! She has the cutest little family. She is a brilliant graphic designer, photographer, and the loveliest little mama. There is so much that could be said about her, but when I met with her for her portrait, she made…
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Meet David.


David is a greatly intelligent man, with quick wit, kindness, and goodness to boot!  He is super funny and fun to be around and just an all around swell guy. I’m really excited for you to meet him.  What is something you hope to instill in your kid(s) as they grow up? I want my kids to…
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Meet Julianna.


Julianna has more heart than anyone I’ve met. She is so real and down to earth, so kind and thoughtful, and so funny. She has just got it all. She is a great mother and a loving friend. I feel blessed to know her, as I hope you all will after getting to know here a…
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