Meet Natalie.


I’m fortunate to call this beautiful woman my sister. I’ve honestly never met someone so passionate, so outspoken, and so poetic. She is a woman who searches for meaning in her life, studies it. I am so excited for you to read a little about her, and kind of get an idea of how powerful…
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Meet Devon.


Devon is an artist. But not any artist. An artist with food. Specifically chocolate. Not only does his work display extreme beauty, it tastes more magnificent than any fine chocolate purchased at a store. If you’ve had the opportunity to try it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Devon is not only an artist…
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Meet Roger.


Roger is a kind man who is a friend to everyone he meets. He is a hardworking individual who displays a great deal of passion for his work, and compassion for the people in his life. He is a good father, a talented woodworker, and an incredible teacher.  As the beautiful Amy said “You could search…
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Meet Katie.


Katie is one of those women who oozes with talent. She is humble and kind. She is a delightful person to be around. She is a brilliant photographer, and if you ever want to see what someone who has truly embraced “natural” light does, check her out. She’s amazing. Here is her website and her Facebook page. Also, if you…
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