Meet Briana.


Briana is one of the most well spoken, intellectual, insightful, beautiful, passionate, patriotic, and delightful people I know. She is quite shy, so being able to read the answers to the questions I’ve asked is quite a privilege for us.  Try NOT to read these answers multiple times, they’ll fill you all the way up, each time….
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Meet Austin.


Austin is a really great guy. He is a wonderful father and husband, an amazing friend and I’m sure an amazing brother/son. He’s just golden, all around. He is active and healthy. He cares deeply about the people in his life.  Take just a minute to get to know him here. You’ll be happy you…
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Meet Josh.


When I first met Josh we were both working at a car dealership. He was always dressed and groomed nicely, living in a nice home, and enjoying the finer things in life. Some years have passed and he and his wife have chosen to live in a van, traveling the country, looking for little bits…
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