Meet Nishelle.


Nishelle is a ball of sunshine, she’s an elementary educator, a crafter, a mother, and a  saint. She is one of most loving people I know, and now you get a little piece of who she is. You are an incredibly charitable and loving person, is this something that was learned, instilled, or just a…
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Meet Bert.


Bert is the owner and founder of Smith & Edwards – a 4 acre general store in North Ogden. (The store has been open and running for 67 years.) He is a patriotic man, who is a firm believer in the importance of the U.S. Constitution. If visiting him at his store, you’ll see his…
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Meet Hannah.


Hannah is one of the most golden people I’ve ever met. She is full of light and love and offers it up to all those around her. She is one of the most talented photographers I’ve met, take a minute and browse through her website.You will fall in love with what you see and the…
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Meet Chris.


Chris is a talented animation student at UVU. Check out some of his videos on youtube. He is a natural comedian and a very good friend. Get to know him here, and melt a little when he talks about his love for his wife. Because it is adorable.  You seem to have a story to share…
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