Meet Lisa.


Lisa is the owner/creator of a stump print shop called Light and Ink Studio. Find her work here. Her posts on Instagram are delightful to follow as well, @light_and_ink. Take a peek. If you frequent boutiques and bazaars in the Provo area you will most certainly find her beautiful work there! Your art is unique and directly…
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Meet Amy.


Amy is a devoted wife and mother, and one of the hardest working people I know. She shows love to everyone she meets. I’ve never been so impressed with how a mother treats her children, we can all learn a lot from her. She radiates goodness and exemplifies Christ. She is wonderful.  What do you…
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Meet Chris.


Chris is a wonderfully talented musician, who is well rounded and delightfully funny. He is the frontman in the band We are the Strike, and works at a company called Refinement Records (they are a one stop shop for musicians.) If you want to hear his music We are the Strike is playing at The Riverwoods in…
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Meet Ricky.


Ricky is a talented arranger and composer who graduated recently from Berklee College of Music. I could be more descriptive of this man, but his responses to the questions I’ve asked help define him, you’ll be impressed. If you would like to listen to his music you can purchase it on iTunes, you can follow…
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