Meet Beau.


Beau is Beau. He is quite the hard man to introduce. He is insightful and intelligent, he is unlike any other man you’ll meet. Take a moment to get to know him here.  And if you ever need a good movie suggestion or review, he’s your man. Do you believe people are innately good? I…
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Meet Jodie.


Jodie is a wonderful mother, a photographer, an artist. She is probably the most down to earth and real person you’ll ever meet, and she’s also my mother. She creates art for Amazon & Sears, which can be found here. Look at her photography here. And get to know her here. You have an incredible…
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Meet Mason.


Mason is an extremely talented musician, and in the band Polytype. He became a father on 12/3. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and the worlds greatest friend. If you want to hear his amazing talent go here. Or find them on their Facebook page.  What is the first life…
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