Meet Neal.


Neal is a local firefighter and in the paramedic program. Not only does he save lives on a regular basis but he is also a triathlete, dad, and a local business owner. You are an everyday superman, do you feel like you have to be brave to save peoples lives and achieve what you do?…
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Meet Keenan.


Keenan climbs mountains and back country skis. He finds peace in the outdoors. He is actively working on his Master’s degree in elementary education. He does product testing and reviews for Gramicci Outdoor Clothing, works as a bartender, and a student teacher. He loves life and that fact radiates from his every pore. Do you…
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Meet Kiri.


Kiri is a genuinely good person. She has a heart bigger than her body, and she is really quite good at sharing that heart with the people around her. Kiri believes in supporting small companies and often features them on her blog. She has many pursuits and she is constantly in service to others; she…
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Meet Naomi.


Naomi is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is guided by her faith and her love for the gospel. She was baptized at the age of 18. Every question asked was directed to an answer with Christ at its center. How have you found joy in the journey? The…
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Meet Logan.


Logan is an adventurer and an artist. He travels the world and shares his experiences through the lens of his camera. Do you have to be brave to go where you go and do what you do? I don’t think it’s brave, I think it is vulnerable and naive, I never go somewhere expecting to…
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